After treatment




We try our best on every case to ensure optimal comfort throughout treatment. The first 48 hours after your treatment it is normal to have some soreness. If you were injure your leg, you would try and stay off of it for a few days to allow it to heal. Unfortunately for your tooth, you cannot truly stay off of it. Please avoid chewing anything on the tooth for several days to help with healing. After treatment you should feel like work has been done, and sensitivity should decrease after a few days.

***If pain increases within 1-3 days please call our office immediately!***

We do not routinely prescribe antibiotics after treatment because 97% of the people do not require them. However, there are about 3% of cases that do have a “flair up” – where your body is not dealing with what has been done as planned. This can be very painful and we want to treat it as quickly as possible with pain medication and antibiotics. If it feels not right, please call. We do not want anyone to suffer through pain.